katalóg Markslojd Garden 24

Garden 24 Decklights and Decorative spotlights

Our decklights are just perfect for illuminating a patio or deck. Choose between different models and wattages depending on how much light you need. Our decorative spotlights are perfect as a complement. For example, you can use the stone spotlight if you have a stone wall that needs some extra light or place several wall spotlights over the garage door for functional lighting.


Spreading light to the sides!

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 106934

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 106935

Decklight 3-set Art.nr: 107988

Decklight 0,8W Art.nr: 107284

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107285

Stair Light 0,8W Art.nr: 107289

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107717

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107718

Decklight 0,8W Art.nr: 107716

Garden 24 LED System

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