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Garden 24 Our complete LED system with a wide range of products for your garden and patio. It is easy to install without the help of an electrician.

Garden 24 Easy to install!

Don’t forget the transformer



FIRST STEPS Included in each spotlight package is a ground spear and a hook for attaching to a roof gutter. Install the product using the supplied allen key.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRANSFORMER There are two transformers with different strengths. To choose the right strength, calculate the wattage on the products you have selected The small transformer is 36W and if you need more power, choose the larger transformer at 60W.

Spotlight 3W Spotlight 6W Spotlight 9W Spotlight 15W

Art.nr: 106929 Art.nr: 106930 Art.nr: 106931 Art.nr: 107291

Transformer 36W Transformer 60W

Art.nr: 106924 Art.nr: 106925



CONNECT THE LIGHTS You can easily connect your lamps to one another by attaching the connec ting parts to one another. Twist the cap on the cord to secure. You can also secure the cord connectors with our waterproof tape before digging down the cords in the garden.

INSTALLATION AT HOME Place your lamps around your garden or patio and connect the transformer to turn them on. You can adjust the light by moving the lamps and using a dimmer to reach the prefered effect.

Extension Cord 2m Extension Cord 5m Extension Cord 10m Dimmer

Art.nr: 106928 Art.nr: 106927 Art.nr: 106926 Art.nr: 106937

Waterproofing Tape Art.nr: 107457

Garden 24 LED System

How to succeed with the lighting in your garden.


1. The right lamp at the right place We have a wide range of products in our Garden 24 series. This will make it easy to find the right lamps for your garden. For example; choose a pole spotlight to light a tree and decklights for your patio. 2. Shadow and Light To create interesting dimensions and a dynamic feeling in you garden, think about the shadows the lights casts on the house. It gives extra dimensions and creates a more dynamic garden. 3. Layering the light Remember to use several types of lighting in the garden to create depth and to illuminate in several levels. 4. Flash light test Bring a flashlight out into the garden and illuminate various trees, shrubs and plants to see where to put the light to get the best effect.

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Garden 24 LED System

Garden 24 Spotlight and Poles

Tip! Get started with our Garden 24 start set.

The Garden 24 LED system includes several spotlights and poles with different wattages. Spotlights are perfect for illuminating your garden, patio and house.

Use the Garden 24 poles to illuminate your garage driveway and garden path. Combine several different models for a well lit garden or patio.

Start Set Art.nr: 107452

2 st Spotlight 3W

Extension Cord 2 m

Transformer 36W

Spotlight 3W Art.nr: 106929

Spotlight 6W Art.nr: 106930

Illuminate a larger tree in your garden

Spotlight 9W Art.nr: 106931

Spotlight 15W Art.nr: 107291

Spotlight 3W Art.nr: 107713

Spotlight 6W Art.nr: 107714

Spotlight 6W Art.nr: 106932

Garden 24 LED System

Tip! Place the spotlights and poles on your patio with a ground plate as support.

Ground Plate Art.nr: 107996

Perfect for garage driveways


Spear 3W Art.nr: 107719

Pole 3W Art.nr: 107290

Pole Sphere 3W Art.nr: 107283

Pole 56cm Art.nr: 107991

Pole 6W Art.nr: 106933

The following is included in the package: Ground Spear: Included in all packages with Spotlight or Pole. Hook: Included in packages for spotlights that can be installed along the roof gutter. Allen Key: Comes in each package for assembly.

Pole 3W Art.nr: 107290

Garden 24 LED System

Garden 24 Decklights and Decorative spotlights

Our decklights are just perfect for illuminating a patio or deck. Choose between different models and wattages depending on how much light you need. Our decorative spotlights are perfect as a complement. For example, you can use the stone spotlight if you have a stone wall that needs some extra light or place several wall spotlights over the garage door for functional lighting.


Spreading light to the sides!

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 106934

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 106935

Decklight 3-set Art.nr: 107988

Decklight 0,8W Art.nr: 107284

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107285

Stair Light 0,8W Art.nr: 107289

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107717

Decklight 3W Art.nr: 107718

Decklight 0,8W Art.nr: 107716

Garden 24 LED System


Decklight 3W Art.nr: 106935

Cube Spot 3W Art.nr: 107287

Decklight Art.nr: 107988

Use decklights for your patio or to light your stairs. Tip!

Easy to install without an electrician!

Wall 3W Art.nr: 107288

Wall 3W Art.nr: 107715

Stone Spot 3W Art.nr: 107286

Cube Spot 3W Art.nr: 107287

Flexible LED Belt Art.nr: 107294

Garden 24 LED System

Patio & Veranda

Tip! Partylights is a simple way to create a great atomsphere.

Party Lightchain Circular 0,24W Art.nr: 107292

Party Lightchain Pear 0,24W Art.nr: 107293

DECO Lightchain 2,9W Startset incl. transformer: Art.nr. 108021 Extra lamps: Art.nr. 108022

Party Lightchain Circular 107292 Party Lightchain Pear 107293

Garden 24 LED System

Pendant Art.nr: 107989



Pendant 15 cm Art.nr: 107989

Cylinder Art.nr: 107985

Pendant 40 cm Art.nr: 107990

Tip! Brighten up your garden with our new Garden 24 lights.


Pendant Art.nr: 107990


Cylinder Art.nr: 107986

Cylinder Art.nr: 107985

Cylinder Frame Art.nr: 107987

Garden 24 LED System

Garden 24 Transformers and Accessories

Waterproofing Tape 4,5 m Art.nr: 107457

Transformer 36W Art.nr: 106924

Transformer 60W Art.nr: 106925

Pir-Sensor Art.nr: 106940

Extension Cable 2 m Art.nr: 106928

Extension Cable 5 m Art.nr: 106927

Extension Cable 10 m Art.nr: 106926

Light sensor/Timer Art.nr: 106936

Dimmer Art.nr: 106937

Y-connector Art.nr: 106939

Pir-Sensor Art.nr: 106940

Dimmer Art.nr: 106937

Garden 24 LED System


Cylinder Frame Art.nr: 107987

Garden 24 LED System

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