Charter of the non-profit organization

Charter of the non-profit organization

European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine n.p.o.

Charter of a non-profit organization

on the establishment of a non-profit organization pursuant to Act no. 213/1997 Coll. Act on non-profit organizations providing services of general interest

ARTICLE I. Name and registered office of the non-profit organization

1.1 Name of non-profit organization: European Academy of Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine n.p.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Non - Profit Organization").

1.2 Headquarters of the non-profit organization: Sienkiewiczova 2539/1, 811 09 Bratislava – town section Old Town, Slovak republic

ARTICLE II. Founders

2.1 Founder of a non-profit organization: Prof. MUDr. Ján Slezák, Dr.Sc., FIACS, Slovak republic

ARTICLE III. First members of the Board of Directors, Director, Auditor, Board of Directors

3.1 The first members of the Board of Directors are:

- Mgr. Branislav Kura, PhD., Slovak republic - RNDr. Barbara Szeiffová Bačová, PhD ., Slovak republic - Mgr. Barbora Kaločayová, PhD ., Slovak republic

3.2 The director of a non-profit organization is:

- Prof. M UDr. Ján Slezák, Dr.Sc., FIACS, Slovak republic

3.3 The auditor of a non-profit organization is: - RNDr. Matúš Sýkora, Slovak republic

3.4 The members of the Board of Directors are:

- Doc., Ing. Andrea Šagátová, PhD., Slovak republic - Ing. Marko Fülöp, CSc., Slovak republic

- Prof. PhDr. Michal Botek PhD., Czech Republic - Prof . Jitka Čejková, MD, DrSc., Czech Republic - Prof. John T. Hancock, PhD., United Kingdom - Prof. Dr. Sergej M. Ostojič, PhD., Republic of Serbia - Prof. Oleg Stephanovich Medvedev, PhD., Russian Federation

ARTICLE IV. Duration of the non - profit organization

4.1 A non-profit organization is established for an indefinite period.

ARTICLE V. Type of services of general interest

5.1 The non-profit organization will provide the following services of general interest:

a) research, development, scientific and technical services and information services - support for research and development projects in the field of health - organization and support of research into the molecular mechanisms of molecular hydrogen - improving the quality of life of patients by implementing the pluripotent action of molecular hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of diseases of civilization - developing contacts with professional organizations and activities in Europe, controlling and ensuring the correct interpretation of molecular hydrogen research, prevention and treatment and supporting the fight against inappropriate commercial and unprofessional practices

b) education, training and development of physical culture - acquainting the population with the risk factors for the development of diseases of civilization, including heart and vascular diseases, as well as with the effects and mechanisms of action of molecular hydrogen - organizing educational campaigns on the use of molecular hydrogen and supporting the dissemination of new knowledge - support for the training of doctors and nurses in the undergraduate and postgraduate period in the field of diseases of civilization and the effects of molecular hydrogen - organization of professional and instructional events, support of interdisciplinary cooperation in cardiovascular and other issues, organization of seminars, symposia, conferences and congresses

ARTICLE VI. Constitution

6.1. The founder issued the Constitution of a non-profit organization, in connection with the establishment of a non-profit organization. The statute regulates the details of the organizational structure, activities and management of a non-profit organization.

ARTICLE VII. Final provisions

7.1. This charter is made in two copies. 7.2. The founder declares that: a) have read the charter properly,

b) fully understands the content, which is sufficiently clear and definite, c) the charter expresses his free and serious will free of any errors, d) the deed of incorporation has not been concluded in distress, even under noticeably unfavorable conditions, as a sign of which the founder hereby signs this deed by hand.

In Bratislava on 15 th of June 2021


Prof. MUDr. Ján Slezák, Dr.Sc., FIACS

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