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Grounding clip Stainless Steel

Flat Rod FS with Rollers



Grounding clip for rod latch system and bearing plate Advantages ■■ Tested by the VDE testing and certification Institute in Offen bach.

Advantages ■■ Flat Rods for bending A20 and A25. ■■ DIRAK recommends for rods with a length of 200mm and above 2 rod guides. ■■ Version with ramp shoe see product system 3-161.

Materials ■■ Flat rod: steel, zinc plated ■■ Roller: PA, black Remarks 1. Stroke Minimum order quantity 20 pieces. Price and delivery time on request.

Materials ■■ Grounding clip: stainless steel AISI 301 Remarks 1. = Back of the latching devices 2. = Flat rod latch 3. = Bearing, Cam / 3-point cam 4. = Clamping torque 2 Nm

■■ Passed all tests according to DIN (VDE 0100 part 540): 2012-06 as well as DIN EN 61439-1 (VDE 0660 part 600): 2012-06 section and 10.5.2. ■■ Anodised and powder coated (epoxy and polyester) panels were tested with a thickness of up to 240μm.

Multi-Point Systems Accessories

Multi-Point Systems Accessories


Part Number




Grounding clip


Flat rods, adjustable length Part Number

A = bending

Rod dimension WxH

Rod type

variable Length

a) a)

208-9733.00-Lxxmm 208-9701.00-Lxxmm

20 25

14 x 3 mm 14 x 3 mm

Flat Rod Flat Rod

Yes Yes


b) 3-910 Flat Rod Guide FS b) 3-911 Rod Guide FS

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Multi-Point Systems Accessories


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