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Swinghandle FS OFFSET-DUO-3


Advantages ■■ Swinghandle system OFF SET-DUO-3 for extremely NARROW frame width can be used to control the rod latch product system 3-311. ■■ The swinghandle controls the rod-slider, which is situated on the outer door-skin. ■■ At the very door-flange, out side the sealing area, this slider controls the latching rod-system. ■■ This now allows frame-widths of only 30mm. ■■ The symmetrical rods allow two-, three- or multi-point lat ching (product system 3-311). ■■ IP65 according to DIN EN 60529.

Materials ■■ Swinghandle and dish: PA, black ■■ Cap sealing: NBR ■■ Locking slider: steel, zinc plated ■■ Swinghandle pinion: zinc die

Multi-Point Systems

Multi-Point Systems

Swinghandle locking system Part Number


Installation outside the seal

Installation type

NT Swinghandle FS PrC Stainless Steel

307-9003.00-00000 307-9004.00-00000


Yes Yes

screw-on screw-on


See page 339

342 3-311 Rods and Accessories FS OFFSET-DUO-3

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Multi-Point Systems


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