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Swinghandle RS 130 for Rod Latch PrA


Advantages ■■ Swinghandle for cutout 130. ■■ For sheet metal and plastic enclosures. ■■ 135° rotation. ■■ RH / LH application. ■■ The polyamide handle is fully insulated. ■■ The Swinghandle can be locked with profile-cylinders with 45° or 90° cylinder cam feature. ■■ By using the lock support d), the assembly of the rod latch PrA is possible. ■■ IP65 according to DIN EN 60529.

Materials a) - c ) ■■ Swinghandle: see table d) and e) ■■ Lock support: zinc die f) ■■ Rod latch: zinc die as well as steel, zinc plated Remarks For doors to be symmetrical for RH and LH operations, two cut outs ò 46mm with lock support e) are required.



Swinghandle for profile cylinder Part Number

Latching type

Material handle Material dish

Material cylinder cover

Rainforced dustcover


Internal cover

Installation type screw-on screw-on screw-on screw-on screw-on

a) a) b) b) c)

207-9023.00-00000 profile-cylinder 40mm PA, black 207-9024.00-00000 profile-cylinder 40mm PA, black

PA, black PA, black PA, black

Ø46 Ø46 Ø46 Ø46 ò 46


Yes Yes Yes Yes

207-9030.00-00000 207-9034.00-00000 207-9346.00-00000

PHZ 45mm

PA, black

PHZ 45mm zinc die, black PA, black PHZ 45mm zinc die, black PA, black



Specific accessories

Dual Cylinder Swinghandle RS 105 PA See page 256

h) 300 2-140 Profile-Cylinder DIN 18252 f) 354 3-100 Rod Latch RS/FS PrA 285 1-193 Rod Guide RS 284 1-190 Rod Guides for 8mm Round Rods g) 278 1-170 Round Rod with Eye g) 279 1-180 Round Rods for Adapter

d) 207-3501.00-00000 Lock support Ø46 e) 207-2706.00-00000 Lock support ò 46

260 |



| 261 Swinghandles

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