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Latches: In addition to the standard latches, we offer a variety of latching systems that can be used in special applications, such as snap locks, slam locks, and quick release fasteners.

Quarter-Turns can be used as a locking mechanism for numerous applications. They are comprised of a housing, insert, and cam.

Handles: We have optimized our handle assortment for a large number of applications. Many of our handles utilize DIRAK SNAP Technology and can be installed without tools.

Multi-Point Systems



Swinghandles can provide a much higher torque when compared to traditional quar ter-turns. This makes swing handles ideal for multipoint locking on larger enclosures, such as managing access control to server racks.

Hinges: Because every application is unique, we carry an extensive range of standard hinges to meet most customer requests.

Fasteners: Our tool-less fastening technology has been specially developed for demanding industrial environments and makes the assembly process quick and easy.



Fastening Technology

Multi-Point Locks are ideal for large enclosures or those with higher security needs. Because they secure mul tiple points along the door and frame, they ensure the enclosure remains properly sealed.

Gaskets: We have de veloped a variety of gaskets in various shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure your application remains properly sealed regardless of its appli cation conditions

Complementary Products: We offer many accessories, including cable management, to ensure all your enclosure hardware needs are met.

Complementary Products


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