Katalóg DIRAK

Pressure-Tight Door Furniture for 24mm Stroke


Advantages ■■ Unit for pressure-tight doors. ■■ For high and medium voltage distribution boards. ■■ Controlled with rod latch 24mm stroke. ■■ For insert, T- and L-handles and swinghandles RS 130. ■■ Suitable for round rods Ø8mm.

Materials ■■ Connecting pin and fixing pieces: steel, zinc plated ■■ Fastener: zinc die ■■ Weld-on U-bracket: steel, untreated ■■ Frame-part eye weld-on: steel, untreated ■■ Frame-part eye screw-on: steel, zinc plated





Pressure-tight door furniture complete Part Number Version


Fastening type

a) b)

215-9003.00-00000 215-9004.00-00000

Frame-part eye weld-on Frame-part eye screw-on

24 mm 24 mm

weld-on screw-on


3-101 Escutcheons and Inserts i) 1-170 Round Rod with Eye i) 1-180 Round Rods for Adapter c) 208-9001.00-00000 Rod Latch f) 215-9101.00-00000 Fastener e) 215-0501.00-00000 Locking pin

h) 215-0401.00-00000 Frame-part eye g) 215-0201.00-00000 Frame-part eye d) 215-0101.00-00001 U-bracket, series 208

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