Katalóg DIRAK

Flush Quarter-Turn L22-66


The Quarter-Turn has absolutely no protrusion on the outside Advantages ■■ RH / LH application. ■■ Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.

Materials ■■ Housing: zinc die, chrome plated or black ■■ Nut: PA ■■ Adapter: zinc die, untreated ■■ Anti-rotation device: zinc die, zinc plated ■■ Cams: steel, zinc plated Remarks d) = Adapter set f) = Stop plate Minimum door-thickness 5mm



■■ Please configure the Quar ter-Turn with insert, adapter and cam. ■■ With the PA nut M22 x 1.5mm, the housing is put exactly into position and secured with the anti-rotation device. Precise detent for optimized align ment. ■■ In conjunction with the stop plate, stop less constructions with aluminum profiles and/or with flat components can be latched perfectly.

Quarter-Turn housing, zinc die, chrome plated Part Number Housing length

suitable Adapter set


Installation type

a) a) a) a) a) a)

200-9088.00-00000 200-9090.00-00000 200-9092.00-00000 200-9094.00-00000 200-9096.00-00000 200-9098.00-00000

22 mm 36 mm 42 mm 46 mm 56 mm 66 mm

max. 7 mm max. 21 mm max. 27 mm max. 31 mm max. 41 mm max. 51 mm

screw-on screw-on screw-on screw-on screw-on screw-on

L20 L26 L30 L40 L50

Quarter-Turn housing, zinc die, black Part Number

Housing length

Installation type




22 mm


max. 7 mm


b) 156 1-101 Inserts Pr20.1 c) 160 1-102 Cams L35/45 steel d) 200-9031.00-00000 Adapter set L20 d) 200-9032.00-00000 Adapter set L26 d) 200-9033.00-00000 Adapter set L30 d) 200-9034.00-00000 Adapter set L40 d) 200-9035.00-00000 Adapter set L50 f) 265-3001.33-00000 Stop plate

Assembly options

200-0003.00-00000 Assembling adapter without o-ring

102 |



| 103 Quarter-Turns

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