Zubná súprava Belmont EURUS

Improved cleaning performance

Stay Clean The hygienic condition inside the chair unit is maintained by water line flushing, so that patient-friendly treatment can be administered. As an environmentally friendly option, the unit comes with a separator or a separator with an amalgam collector, which helps reduce facilitating everyday maintenance.

Water bottle


Cuspidor The sliding cuspidor cover facilitates daily maintenance.

Option Autoclavable holder The dentist outlets and the assistant outlets can both be autoclaved and detached for cleaning.

Dismantling of the rod holder The end parts of the rod can easily be dismantled for cleaning.

Detachable light components

Detachable bowl The ceramic bowl can easily be detached for cleaning and can therefore always be in a clean condition.

Flushing system The integrated handpiece flushing system inhibits biofilm build up and bacterial growth in the handpieces hoses. Option

Vacuum Line Clean System Daily use of the integrated suction cleaning system prevents build-up of debris in the vacuum line and helps to maintain constant suction. Option


Lens cover and autoclavable light handle can be removed with a single lever action for easy cleaning.



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