katalóg Markslojd - Our Style SS21

Scandinavian Bohemia

GRIMSTAD Table lamp A lamp for your bedside table or desk, Grimstad has a classic look and a beautiful colour that

TUBO Pendant This is a sleek pendant that will match any home. The lined glass has a sofisticated look to it. DESIGN BY MARKSLÖJD

will elevate your home. DESIGN BY MARKSLÖJD

LIA Cushion/Throw Our new design Lia goes so well together with our classic floor lamp Larry. Designed with strong lines and curved shapes, Lia cushion and throw will make a statement in your home. DESIGN BY ANN RINGSTRAND

GLIMMER Vase Our new vase Glimmer designed by Monika Mulder comes in three sizes and two colours. Decorate with fresh or dried flowers for a contemporary look. DESIGN BY MONIKA MULDER

AVERY Ceiling Lamp Avery will look great in your hallway or living room. Use a larger filament bulb for a softer look. DESIGN BY MARKSLÖJD

Markslöjd Our Style SS21

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