katalóg Estiluz Catalogue News 2023

ESTILUZ / LIGHTING A LIFETIME / From the mountains of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, in the epicentre of Ruta del Ferro -ancestral metal railway route-, Estiluz creates luminaires. 50 years irradiating innovative and handcrafted lighting. With the essence of strongly rooted values, ESTILUZ works tirelessly to o ff er lamps with a contemporary vision connected to people. Timeless designs made with high quality materials and finishes, always with a poetic air and connected to nature.

ESTILUZ (Headquarters) / Carretera d’Ogassa s/n E-17860 St Joan de les Abadesses (Girona) Spain T + 34 972 720 125 / estiluz@estiluz.com ESTILUZ Inc. USA & CANADA / 330 West 38th St. Suite 710 New York, NY 10018 USA T +1 (646) 454 - 1285 / info@estiluzusa.com www.estiluz.com

Photography Nacho Alegre / Product Photography Jordi Anguera & Starp Estudi / Design Tactica

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