Katalóg ideal lux - 2021

For Ideal Lux, a lamp is much more than an object. Illumination has the power to influence our everyday life , giving unique character and personality to the environment . For this reason, everyday Ideal Lux is committed to listening to people and their stories, with the aim of cultivating an authentic and spontaneous relationship with them, finding new points of view and new inspirations through their stories. Customer Care constitutes an important branch of the Company, distinguishing itself for its attention and dedication to clients and

making reliability one of its main principles. The attention to people is essential . With Ideal Lux, light becomes an element of our everyday life, able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary . In order to do so, it is important to select the lighting solution which best fits one’s needs, because with the right light, every space can take on a whole difference form, a completely different story .

The ordinary is extraordinary


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